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No Weigh-Ins

No Counting Calories


Our facility offers you 24 hour gym access as well as a 1 Hour Instructional session on how to properly use our circuit equipment. The details of your settings as well as the weight you should use to begin are outlined on a workout card to use for tracking results. If you are looking for a clean, non-intimidating environment, with a personable touch by the owners, come check out our facility where our goal is your Health!



Chain Reaction Indoor Cycling




                  Personal Training











   Group Training

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What is your Motivation for Change? Are you ready for a different Lifestyle?

                     We help you Live Life ! enjoying the pleasures of Love, Traveling and Health


We provide a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere to help you improve your health and fitness level


  People don't just come to our facility to lose weight, they come to make a significant impact in their life and get a life changing experience. Any personal trainer can give out exercises that will crush your muscles & leave you in pain for days however the personal trainers at Freedom Fitness believe that to be effective and meaningful your workout program should make you feel better, improve how you function, and boost your energy level without the pain.


  It's simple- start moving your body and you must develop different habits to get different results, & remember what you put in your mouth directly affects how you feel & what happens to your body. Each day you have the power to determine if your life & body will improve or decline, you make that choice!

   So forget the gadgets, shake weights, belly sweat bands, or pills and do something that will benefit your life throughout the year. No matter what your situation currently is you can always do something!

    Our personal training programs are designed to get you real results and we have something for everyone including:

  • one-on-one  personal training session
  • semi-private (partners)
  • women's group fitness training
  • Boot camps
  • Corporate On-Site Fitness Programs
  • Kid's Conditioning
  • Athletic Performance Courses 

Our certified personal trainers use personal assessments to cater to your specific needs to develop a program for you to make improvements, gain strength, and build confidence in your daily perfromance.







What effect does eating have on my Body

Nutrition-what does it really mean ?

Sep 15, 2016
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